Teddy Tea Leaf

Teddy Tea Leaf is a stealth rouge like about stealing things, created for the 2014 Speccy Jam.  Also you’re a teddy bear.


Use O,P,Q, and To move, and Space to wait.

Try it online here!

 Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 15.00.40 


I’m Too ZXy

I’m Too ZXy is a web app that connects to your webcam and renders you as if you were on a ZX Spectrum, complete with attribute clash!

The ZX Spectrum style, with its 256X192 resolution and 16 colours, two of which are identical, transcended the limitations of hardware and achieved a recognised visual identity of its own. With 16 colours, only 2 of which can be used in every 8X8 block of pixels, the creativity required to achieve results bore the foundation of impressionist computer graphics for the years following, and the aftershocks are still being felt today.

It requires the Unity Web Player plugin, and of course, requires a webcam too!

Try it online here!

 Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 16.08.02 


Made for the Experimental Gameplay concept theme ‘Vegetation‘.

To play Organicraft, it will help if you have at least a working knowledge of L-System / Turtle graphics theory, and how they can be combined to fractal plants. They’re not hard concepts to grasp, and there’s a wonderful paper on it here.

The aim of the game in Organicraft is to work out which rules you need to apply to the L-System in order to create the target plant. The rules are represented as having been graphically rendered instead of as strings in order to make things a little easier. But I think that you’ll probably end up coming to the same conclusion as me about this concept…


That it’s beyond the scope of the human mind to predict what fractals will look like after around 4 iterations! I kinda knew it would be the case before I started, but hey, that’s the point of Experimental Gameplay!


Play online here


Selfie – The Videogame

Made for the Global Game Jam 2014.

The world is ending, there is chaos all around, yet your objective is to take selfies. You get bonus points for taking them in front of rare and interesting things, and even more bonus points for variety (Everything has a category). So… Elvis Presley standing in front of a Stonehenge monument with a UFO flying overhead would score big!

The main character is a photorealistic image, but the background is deliberately simplistic and inconsistent. This was to symbolise that the character is the only ‘Real’ thing in their world. There is all this remarkable stuff happening all around them, yet half the view is obscured by their face.


Play online here



Hungry Hungry Heart

Made for the Global Game Jam 2013, the theme was the sound of a beating heart.

Hungry Hungry Heart is a 100% anatomically incorrect simulation of a human heart. Open and close heart valves to allow the oxidised blood vessels to pass through to the correct area of the body. Don’t let the wrong colour in, or you’ll break your combo. Higher combos mean higher score. Or you could just watch it pump hypnotically.


Play online here

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