Smiling Bag are a team of game developers based in Scotland who develop digital toys and video games. They develop games which they themselves would like to play, in the hope that other people might get a kick out of them too. There are various contributors, but here are the regulars…

Stew Hogarth

Stew has been making games for a long time, and has been releasing his own work since the days of the Amiga PD Libraries.

After an 8 year career in the games industry, he left in 2011 to become a freelancer. This gave him more freedom over his time and workload, and enabled him to concentrate more fully on his own projects.

He started Smiling Bag in October 2013.

Malcolm Brown

Malcolm is a regular contributor to Smiling Bag. He writes most of our game music.

He’s also an accomplished indie developer in his own right too. He won Dare to be Digital as a Student, and his work can regularly be seen in among the ‘Best of’ lists at any game jam he attends.

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