I Am Level

Flick, bounce, and roll your character through the bizarre yet stylish world of ‘I Am Level’ in this original mix of pinball and platform game.

5 stars on App Store

I Am LevelApp Store5


A love letter to the ZX Spectrum, I am Level is a game about how forces around us ultimately control our destiny.

Tilt your device to get the ball rolling, then tap or hold anywhere on the screen to fire off pinball bumpers, springs, and doors. Clear the screens to unlock more of the map, and level up your player to unlock new costumes.

Don’t control the character, control the Level. You are level!



I Am Level is the one game this month – probably this year – that completely restores my faith in iOS game developers.

Arcade Life

I Am Level is one puzzle platformer that I had to force myself to put down. The beauty is in its visual simplicity and complexity

Touch Arcade

An addictive wee way to spend a few short minutes on the toilet


I Am Level has this wonderful charm that will keep you challenged and intrigued for hours


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